Where do the birds go when it rains? That is a question that bird lovers ask themselves. In many regions of the world it usually rains a lot, especially in the fall season. If you would like to know what birds really do when it rains, read this article to the end.

When it comes to a small rain, most birds continue to do their activities normally. This is obviously not a farm bird problem, as most of them live under a roof that protects them throughout the day. The question about where do the birds go when it rains? It arises from concern about birds that live in the wild, since no one takes care of them, except themselves.

If it is a heavy rain, the birds seek shelter. However, you should not worry too much, as the rain brings many benefits to the birds. Have you noticed that the next morning after a rainy night, many birds sing? This is because the rain has brought food with it. Thanks to the rain, worms and insects appear on the ground and in this way the birds can feed.

Where do birds go when it rains hard?

When the rain turns to be pretty hard and lasts for several days, the birds can experience various problems. Heavy rain makes food like insects and grains harder to find. During the winter months, in regions where it is very cold as in most states of the United States, the rain causes that when the birds get wet, they have problems maintaining their body temperature.

Many species of birds even have flight problems as a result of their feathers being wet from the rain. However, rain is not only a problem in fall and winter, but during any time of the year. For example, in spring heavy rains can mean that the breeding season is not as good, as the birds will not be able to take good care of their young or they may die due to bad weather. In any of those cases, birds always go to cave or hide under trees to protect themselves from the rain.


Floods are also a problem for birds. If a bird’s territory has been flooded, it will be much more difficult for it to find food. This is even a problem for waterfowl species. Birds such as herons, pelican or kingfisher will have difficulty locating their prey in the water, because when it rains too much the rivers and lakes are deeper and the water has much more movement.

Storms are a problem too

In stormy conditions, the birds really suffer. However, there are species such as ducks and all the birds that derive from it, which are the only species of birds that do not mind floods and heavy rains. These birds are perfectly adapted to these natural phenomena and can enjoy quite difficult climates.

What to do to help the birds when it rains?

A good initiative is to provide adequate food after the rain, because if you throw food during the rain, the next morning it will be very difficult to find them. This can make a big difference in tough times when it comes to finding food to survive. Many people choose to install bird boxes in their yards or gardens. This assures many birds a perfect place to shelter from rain or snow. Birds normally take refuge in tree holes, but where trees are scarce, bird boxes are definitely an excellent idea.