Would you like to know which are the black exotic birds? Would you like to know how the black exotic birds look like? Are you interested in learning a little about their feeding, location and reproduction? Find here a list of beautiful black birds and learn about the unique characteristics that distinguish these elegants animals. 

1. Black Swan bird

Scientific name: Cygnus atratus

The black swan is an exotic bird that has completely black plumage, except for the end of the primary feathers, which are white, but that is only visible when the bird is in flight. Other facts of the black swan is that it is smaller than the mute swan or the trumpet swan and has a red bill with a white tip. The neck is long and the body less robust than the other swans. It has very short webbed feet and they are also black.

Young black swans are similar to adults, but their plumage is duller and brown in tone. The feathers on the flanks and on the upper part are dyed grayish brown. The primary wings have a blackish spot. Adult plumage can be acquired at the end of the first year, but the red bill color forms only after the third or fourth year.

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2. Hornbill – Black exotic bird

Scientific name: Bucerotinae

The Hornbill is a bird that belongs to the Bucerotinae family, popularly called the Helmeted Hornbill. There are more than 50 species that represent this bird and are widely distributed in Asia, Malaysia and tropical and subtropical Africa. The most striking characteristic is their plumage, which is black, gray or brown, but they also have some white details, at the level of the tail. The dark plumage is offset by bright tones at the beak level.

Generally the size of the Black Hornbill, they can measure a little more than 25 centimeters and weigh around 100 grams. There is a species called Southern Terrestrial Hornbill that measure 1.2 meters and weigh 6 kilograms. Without a doubt, the differences in size of hornbills can become significant. One characteristic that can help to recognize the gender of the bird is its size, since males are larger than females, in most species, but not in all.

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3. Long-tailed widowbird – Exotic black bird

Scientific name: Euplectes progne

This beautiful exotic bird can be seen in mainly African countries such as Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambi. Males have a long feathered tail that can measure up to half a meter, and when flying they unfold their feathers to attract females.

The long-tailed widowbird feeds mainly on seeds, worms and small insects. In the spring, during the breeding season, the males who want to attract the females, perform a ritual slowly circling over their territory, and wagging their beautiful tail. The nest of this exotic bird is built in the ground using grass and twigs. The nest has a thick-walled oval structure. The female generally lays one to four eggs and the chicks are ready in 12 to 14 days.

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4. Bird of paradise 

Scientific name: Paradisaeidae

The feather on the head is what stands out the most in these beautiful black exotic birds and measures the same of its own body. In addition to the feather being its main attribute, also in the reason why this bird is in danger of extinction. This bird is one of the most exotic in the world and only naturally inhabits New Guinea. The tail of this bird measures around 100 centimeters, while its body only 30 centimeters.

To differentiate males from females, only their plumage should be observed. That of the males has a bright green tone on the face and in the females the bright tone is usually brown. Hybrid specimens between this species have been observed on the island of New Guinea. The resulting species has been named Astrapia Barnes. This is another reason why the species is in danger of extinction.

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5. Black Cockatoo

Scientific name: Calyptorhynchus banksii

The Black Cockatoo is also known as the Palm Cockatoo and is a large medium-sized exotic bird. When these black exotic birds are young, the feathers under the wings have yellow spots and the beak has a cream color that gradually darkens until it is completely black. This species of cockatoo is highly threatened due to illegal hunting, as it is in high demand as a pet.

This cockatoo measures around 65 centimeters and the females differ by being slightly smaller. Something that stands out in this bird is the intense red color of its cheeks. In addition, his tongue has a black and red color combination. In the wild, the black cockatoo’s diet is mainly seeds, nuts, and sprouts from the treetops.

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