We understand why some people want to know how to get rid of birds. Although most birds are not a nuisance to us, there are some that can become a nuisance. However, most of the time birds can be useful in a few ways, such as feeding on insects and eating the seeds of the grass that can invade the garden; they can also be a pest that will feed on the fruits and vegetables in the garden, causing damage to homes and other structures on the property and leaving droppings that can lead to serious health risks for you and your family.

Because it is illegal to kill most species of birds or remove and destroy the nests of other species, you only have a few options when it comes to bird control.

So what can you do to get rid of the birds?

Some methods to get rid of birds

1. Use natural predators

Birds have many natural predators, including cats, owls and even other larger birds. Getting objects that are shaped like these predators around the area you want to protect can discourage them from nesting or landing nearby. These objects can be made of plastic, cloth, wood, metal, or any other material that can withstand the outside environment. The trick is to move these objects every 3 or 5 days so that the birds do not get used to them and start to ignore them.

2. Eliminate sources of water and food

Eliminate any bird feeders as they provide instant food for pesky birds. Resist the temptation to feed local birds with breadcrumbs or anything else, and make sure there is no nearby garbage that is attracting them. To keep scavengers out, carefully secure garbage can lids and cover compost pits. Drain and clean standing water as it attracts thirsty birds.

3. Use bird repellent sprays

There are many versions of repellent sprays that you can make at home, but the most commonly used is a mixture of chili peppers, water, and vinegar. To make this spray, crush the dried red or green chilies in a mixture of water and vinegar. This mixture can be heated in a pot for a few hours, and then placed in a transparent glass in the sunlight. Once finished, put the repellent in a plant spray and spray the areas where the birds are causing problems.

4. With the help of a dog

Sheepdogs and other breeds enjoy chasing birds and are very good at this. Adopt a dog and with the help of a trained handler teach it to scare off birds, so it can patrol the area or your garden, you can also borrow a friend’s dog and guide it yourself. Take him out for a walk early in the morning and in the evening when the birds are most active.

A single sheepdog that walks and runs along a shoreline at peak hours can reduce seagull numbers by almost 99%. Prevent the dog from harming birds by walking him with a safe harness and leash.

How to get rid of birds pooping in the yard?

Use shiny objects that reflect sunlight

Reflective objects are quite helpful in deterring problem birds. The reflection of light from these objects causes the birds not to want to return to these areas. These shiny objects, such as old discs, glass, reflective metals, aluminum cans, pieces of aluminum foil or small mirrors can be placed near the nesting or landing areas frequented by these birds.

How to get rid of birds nesting on porch?

Placing spheres in the garden

Consisting of large colored balls that can be placed in your garden or hung from trees, fence posts or on a stake, these round garden ornaments are a natural bird repellent. They will mistake spherical orbs for eyes and try to avoid them. The positive side of this is that they can also make great decorations for your patio or garden.

If you try this home remedy and you still have a problem with birds, your last option is to contact a company specializing in professional wildlife pest control, who can come and thoroughly evaluate your home to help determine not only the species of bird that is but also try to end the plague with the best treatment resource that is both legal and effective.

How to get rid of bird mites?

To get rid of these it is necessary to mix a little white vinegar with a few drops of essential oil and thus obtain a fairly powerful spray ready to eliminate bird mites. Gently spray the mixture on your bird, let it act and use a comb to remove the remains of the mites. Essential oils are known for their effectiveness in fighting different species of pests, they have powerful antiparasitic properties that will help your bird eliminate these mites.