The years of life of the birds depend a lot on the species that is. For example, if we talk about the agapornis species, it is said that they live for about 25 years and there are even registered cases of specimens with 50 years, but it will depend on the day-to-day of the bird, the care we give it and the errors that we can have, for example, if your lovebird comes out of the cage, we hit it with a door or that we put it somewhere by mistake, it eats food that is harmful to its health, among others.

Under normal conditions they usually live an average of 10 years, this is the average for all species of birds. This depends, as we mentioned before, on the diet and the life they lead. It is known that females, by laying eggs, tend to live much less than males because they wear out their bodies more.

How long do pet birds live?

In the world we can find a great variety of bird species, whose characteristics and genetics will greatly influence their lifespan. Depending on their class, the life expectancy of these birds ranges from 5 years to 50 years, with the average life span of approximately 10 years.

We can find among the most popular species that are adopted, the canaries that live up to 15 years, the parakeets with an average life span of 10 to 12 years, the macaws that are much longer-lived, between 50 to 80 years, the cockatoo and also parrots that live up to 30 years, among others. This estimate of their life time will depend on the living conditions that we provide to our pets, good care will allow them to accompany us for many more years.

To prolong the years of life of our beloved birds, we must take into account certain recommendations that vary depending on the species, so that your pet grows with a lot of health and well-being you must mainly condition a spacious cage that will vary depending on its size, so your Pet will have freedom of movement, you must also take care of its hygiene so you must maintain its cleaning daily, change the water, clean the feces, disinfect the area, that is, keep your site as neat as possible. This way you will avoid diseases and infections that could cost your partner’s life.

How long do mynah birds live?

There are many species of mynah birds, the one most commonly known is the common mynah. Mynahs are generally very relevant birds in their natural habitat, but it is a species of bird that can be easily domesticated, many people keep and reproduce them as pets.

Mynah birds live an average of 12 to 25 years, depending on the care taken.

How long do humming birds live?

The average lifespan of humming birds is shorter than other birds, living approximately 3 to 5 years. Cases have been known in which some specimens of this bird have lived up to almost 10 years, but cases are very rare.