Birds, like all living things, have undergone an adaptation of their bodies for thousands of years. This has allowed them to survive the changing environment and different natural phenomena. A kind of natural selection has allowed the most capable species to survive and multiply in diverse ecosystems.

Each type of bird has developed qualities that allow them to withstand the conditions that each place on this earth offers. Some birds live in tropical places, others do so in cold environments and there are even birds that spend most of their time in the water like penguins or live over 4000 meters above sea level like condors.

Adaptation of birds to an environment

To speak of an adaptation of birds to their environment is to refer to physiological changes or changes in their behavior that they have suffered in a certain ecosystem. For example, if we take a look at swans, they have developed webbed feet that allow them to move very easily over the water, in addition, these birds live in shallow lagoons, their neck has been lengthened to be able to introduce it into the water and reach the bottom plants to feed.

Pigeons went from living in the countryside to adapting to living in the city, where they build nests on the roofs of houses and feed on garbage or food scraps instead of grains as they did before the appearance of large cities. The same has happened with many species of canaries, which when escaping from their cages have formed large flocks and invaded entire cities, as an example is Düsseldorf in Germany, where the canaries every evening are noticed with their high-pitched whistles.

Adaptation of exotic birds to a new environment

There is the possibility that you are looking for information on this topic, because you have bought or are planning to buy an exotic bird and you want to know how this bird can adapt to a new environment. Exotic birds are usually raised in cages inside houses and mostly their size is small or they are birds that repeat words like parrots and for those they are very fun to have as a pet.

These birds adapt easily to any environment as long as they are kept at a temperature to which their bodies are accustomed. This is very easy to do if you are indoors and there is heating or air conditioning. If you live in a tropical area, better make sure you have a bird from the region and thus avoid problems with your pet.

Adaptation of the environment to birds

It seems impossible for the environment to adapt to birds or any kind of animal. However, we can speak of an adaptation of the environment towards birds, when the environment is purposely modified for the benefit of these beautiful flying animals. This occurs in large cities in modern countries, where large green areas are established so that nature can flourish.

If we refer mainly to birds, lakes, small tree houses, laws that protect them from hunting and people in charge of feeding them are assigned to them. Having mentioned all these things, you can see that the environment really adapts to the presence of birds, they are respected and they are given their own space.

Removal of birds from an environment

In recent years, researchers have determined that pigeon feces contain a virus that is dangerous to humans. Due to this discovery, cities around the world began their extermination or were driven away pigeons using game birds such as eagles.

In this case, the population of many pigeons was eliminated or reduced because they are danger to humans. This did not mean at any time a danger for the species, because they had become a plague.

Similar problems of overpopulation of some birds are solved by promoting and determining hunting seasons, always respecting the sex and age of the bird to be hunted to ensure the survival of the species and not cause it to become extinct.