Birds, like many animals including humans, have adapted to living in different climates, so they have undoubtedly learned to distinguish and get used to the different changes that come during the seasonal changes. In the case of storms, these are usually accompanied by sounds caused by discharges of electricity between clouds or even by lightning that is generated between clouds or that descends to the ground.

All of these events are signs that a storm is coming and of course, birds and other animals seek shelter immediately. The birds fly and hide among the trees. During a storm, birds prefer small but strong trees, as they have learned that tall trees are moved much more by the wind that accompanies the storm. Their bodies are perfectly adapted to cling to the branches and their feathers are waterproof thanks to the fact that they put an oil on the feathers that they obtain from a gland located close to the tail.

Can birds predict a storm is coming?

It has not yet been proven that birds can predict that a storm is coming, however, they are one of the first animals in nature that at the slightest change take action and seek shelter, but they know how to distinguish very well if it is a simple rain or if it will be much worse.

The truth is that all birds seek refuge on land and stop all activity including the search for food. In the case where a bird is taking care of its eggs, it will stay with them regardless of the weather conditions. That is why most birds prefer to have babies when the harsh winter is over and spring is approaching. In this way, their babies will not suffer from extreme environmental conditions and will be born when the weather is friendly.

Consequence of a storm for birds

There are negative and positive consequences during and after a storm for birds. The negative consequences are obviously that birds can be injured during the storm. These injuries can occur because they were struck by tree branches or because they were blown away by the wind.

The positive consequences for birds after a storm is that many plants grow or the ground moves and this means food for them. In the case of farm animals, it is best to put everyone in a safe place. By nature they will look for it themselves, but because they are locked up, they have very few options and if they are not taken care of, they may even die, because their bodies and abilities are not 100% developed like those of wild birds.

Behavior of birds after the storm

After a storm it seems that the world of birds came to life again. By this we mean that it is noticeable that the birds whistle and fly with much more joy. Having been able to withstand the storm and be able to look for food is reason enough for them to be happy and full of life.

When the storm passed, it seems that there are more birds than before. The reason for this is that all the birds that were hidden go out to look for food and as there are more, the sound it generates is heard with greater force than normal. Birds also patiently fix feathers that have been damaged by the storm and there are even birds that prefer to sunbathe to dry off and be warm.

What can we do to help birds weather a storm?

Most likely, the birds do not need any help. In nature, they always find a way to survive and you thrive. They are fully capable of finding shelter, food, water and everything they need. However, giving them a hand is never too much.

Throwing bird food in your yard or putting birdhouses in trees in parks helps smaller birds a lot, even more so when what surrounds them are mostly houses and buildings. This is why in large cities these things are done to help these beautiful flying animals that brighten our days with their beautiful colors or happy songs.