Have you ever imagined being able to fly like a bird? Surely yes, but unfortunately we were born without that wonderful ability. Our body is very heavy and of course, we do not have wings. But, did you know that today there are tools with which you can suspend yourself in the air and even perform maneuvers while enjoying the view? There are actually many options and one of them is called Paragliding.

Paragliding is an extreme sport that is normally practiced on cliffs, from where one or two people jump into the void holding something similar to a parachute. Thanks to the wind it is possible to glide for a long time and land safely back at the starting point or almost anywhere else, depending on the skill of the pilot.

Paragliding is undoubtedly an exciting activity, but at the same time it is not easy to learn. However, once you have mastered the skill of paragliding you will be able to fly in the skies and enjoy spectacular views that only birds have. One of the countries where paragliding is popular is Peru. In this country people practice paragliding in Lima, Ica and Cusco.