Can birds eat rice? A great question that many people who have contact with birds have asked more than once. It is often thought that birds that eat raw or cooked rice automatically will die, or as a result of eating the rice, these birds will swell and burst.

Read this post until the end to finish this big myth once and for all.

Can birds eat uncooked rice?

Raw rice is found in many types of poultry food. Prepared birdseed, for example, often contains rice that birds love to eat. If you have a pet bird or wild birds in your garden, you are concerned about the answer to this question and the answer is yes. Birds can eat uncooked rice, what’s more, wild birds do it all the time and nothing happens to them. Rice serves as a carbohydrate source for them.

If you are concerned that rice is very hard for birds, remember that they have an organ called gizzard, with which they grind the grains that are quite hard and in this way a correct digestion is carried out.

However, if birds eat large amounts of raw rice, they may develop a bulging crop, but this will only last until the rice passes into the stomach and the digestive process is on its way. If a bird consumes raw rice in large quantities, it can become overweight. That is why you have to take into account how much rice is fed to the birds.

If the birds to which you are going to feed rice are your own pets, you can always take into account how much they consume. On the other hand, if the birds that you are going to feed with rice are wild, it is better not to give them much.

Throw rice during weddings

During traditional weddings, rice is often thrown. It was from this that the concern arose as to whether the birds can eat raw rice or not. However, if you don’t have a wedding in the same location every day, there is no need to worry.

Can birds eat cooked rice?

If you want to start feeding your pets with rice, it is much better to cook it before giving it to them. In this way you will facilitate their intake. Follow the steps below to cook the rice properly.


  1. Put the rice in a pot and wash it several times so that when it is ready it does not stick.
  2. Boil the rice with the same amount of water at a medium temperature until the water has been used up. The less water the rice has, the lower the temperature must be for it to cook well.
  3. When the rice is ready, you must wait at least 30 minutes for it to cool.
  4. You should give your birds the rice in small quantities or if you prefer, you can mix it with their regular food.

Additional information

Rice is not only nice to birds, but it is also healthy. Provide carbohydrates that will help your bird have energy. If you have the money to choose what type of rice you are going to give to your birds, it is recommended that it be brown rice, since it is much healthier and has natural fibers. However, you can use any type of rice to feed your bird. For example, white rice, black rice, jasmine rice, among others.