Beautiful exotic birds 

Among the countries that offer the most exotic species to the world, are those that have tropical forests, since they are the place of origin of a large number of these birds. For example, the turpial is the national bird of Venezuela, where the cute cardinal also lives.

The quetzal is found in the jungles of Guatemala, Mexico, and Costa Rica, countries where you can also find more than forty species of hummingbirds and several species of toucan.

When talking about jungle, you can not miss Brazil, since it ranks third in terms of number of birds species in South America and it has the Amazon rainforest, where the pendulum bird lives, a species that also lives in other areas of Central America and in the Caribbean islands.

The hyacinth macaw has often fewer trees to nest, due to deforestation caused by livestock, fires and the country’s hydrographic plans.

Colombia has become a must visit place for watching birds that migrate in America and with 20% of the world’s population of birds, Colombia is a paradise for lovers of exotic birds. A curious and endemic species of Colombia, is the red-tailed toucan and without going into details, you can find countless species, including toucans, macaws, parakeets, etc.

Other parts of the world can also be included, since cockatoos, as parakeets, come from Australia. And there are birds that are part of this classification, as well as pigeons, owls, pheasants and some finches, whose habitats are distributed throughout the world.